Play to win in our bespoke Sportsvision clinic

As a sportsman or woman, there’s probably at least a small element of competitiveness within you. Whether you train and compete in international leagues, or simply like to beat your own previous record each time you play, you naturally want to do your best. Did you ever consider that your vision might be preventing you from reaching that standard as often as you’d like? 85% of the information you take in whilst performing is processed by your visual system.

There are proven links between vision and sporting success. Some are obvious, including enhanced depth perception and spatial awareness, but there are also some you might not have considered, like improved reaction times and better hand-eye coordination.

At Bespoke Eyecare, Susan Park specialises in sportsvision. She has worked with Premiership football teams, professional golfers and cricketers. We have improved goalkeepers’ reaction times, helped cricket teams tighten up their fielding and supported PGA golfers in improving the accuracy of their shots – and we’d love to help you too.

For more information about the ways in which we could help you improve your sporting performance, or to book an appointment in our specialist clinic, simply call 028 1945 4141 today.