Our sports vision service provides you with a unique advantage when it comes to improving your game

As a keen sportsman or woman, you should know how important your vision is when it comes to giving your best performance on the court, pitch, track or field. But can you be sure that your eyesight is the best it can be, and isn’t preventing you from achieving your full potential whilst competing?

Here at Bespoke Eyecare, we specialise in sports vision assessments. Susan Park has developed an unequalled reputation for sports vision therapy for over ten years. She has worked with Irish Cricket, a number of Premiership football teams and nearly 150 professional golfers including Major winners and Ryder Cup players.

The reality is that a consistently excellent sporting performance does not just require 20/20 vision. Additional factors such as depth perception, distance judgement, weather conditions and which is your dominant eye will have an effect on your game.
Sports vision therapy includes a variety of tests, including standard eye examination techniques, which all together help to identify even the smallest shortcomings in visual performance.

By using our unique software, Susan is able to accurately recommend the specific treatment to help you in your particular sport. As part of this, she can teach techniques to strengthen the eye muscles, thus increasing visual control and improving judgement and reaction times. She has had outstanding success with her patients to date, leading to sporting professionals from all over the world seeking her help!

So why look any further? Make an appointment with us today and benefit from Susan’s expertise when it comes to staying one step ahead of your competition. Call and speak to a member of our team on 028 9145 4141.